M25 Spin

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Started: 12 noon Saturday 22nd March 2014
Ended: 1pm Sunday 23rd March 2014
Venue: The M25 London Orbital Motorway

In The Spirit Of MU
Liberate & Communicate

Love Peace & Happiness

Tim & Gimpo

Photo and video documentation available here.

Gimpo's 25

Gimpo starts to reveal his vision. He wants this thing, this Gimpo M25 spin, to become an annual event. The closest Saturday night/Sunday morning to 21 March each year, to mark the opening of the rave/festival/drug-taking/banging/techno/hippie thing that Gimpo and his weird mates know all about. He wants loads of other people to join in, come out in their cars, vans, trucks, loaded up. A non-stop 25 hour party, road to nowhere sort of thing; car stereos cranked up, people screaming, pumping horns, blowing whistles. Hundreds, thousands, pouring out of Clacky services. Not a race, but a celebration of this broken down modern world, where the M25 would get clogged up, grind to a standstill, the authorities could do nothing - and Gimpo would be king.

From 45, by Bill Drummond

Warning: This is also not The Spin