M25 Spin

If you want to know

the things we see

then step inside our spin

Transit Van


24/25 March

Gimpo's M25 25 Hour Spin happens again on 24/25 March 2018.

Journey with us into the spiralling vortex of Music, Mayhem, & Magick as we film another episode of the longest road movie ever madeā€¦

Meet at Thurrock Service Station (M25 just north of the QEII Bridge) 11am Saturday 24th March.

Photo & text updates will appear live on this site and on Periscope (username: IronManRecords) throughout the Spin.

Of course I'm crazy, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong "A non-stop 25 hour party, road to nowhere sort of thing; car stereos cranked up, people screaming, pumping horns, blowing whistles. Hundreds, thousands, pouring out of Clacky services. Not a race, but a celebration of this broken down modern world, where the M25 would get clogged up, grind to a standstill, the authorities could do nothing—and Gimpo would be king."

From Gimpo's 25, by Bill Drummond, 1998

Warning: This is also not The Spin