Gimpo's M25 25 Hour Spin


20/21 March

On these dates, Gimpo, Tim, The Juniour Insurgent Transmitter Ensemble, The AAA, Positive Void Communications, COTYS, Time Traveller, Fucking Voodoo Magik and friends drove the M25 Orbital for 25 hours.

Photo & text updates were posted live throughout the Spin.

A 25 hour film by Gimpo also exists.

Getting started We've started on time top dead center of the bridge all ok just my camera phone was playing up so first pic 8 mins in And cas its england its wet gray and miserable but on top form Woo woo round and round we go Missed it but phone may be working again In the back Dan Lea Dominic and Ed They aint gonna get any better its just wet wet and damp But we do have heating in the back via gaffa tape and a hoover hose Up front And Dominic in the back 2nd year it's becoming a habit Some ting is wrong because everything seams to be working video camera sounds comfey sofa in back 2 hours in And we're starting to flag It'll soon be time for a refuel Thats better my bloody camera phone keeps packing up it got damp and keeps eating all the power so fingers crossd it lasts the spin 1st lap completed Another toll paid Unreadable play list Shit tunes anyway 12 volt lighter sockets and cider Just spoke to mi mum and she said to say hello to ya Just near the give peas bridge Dark and damp Cant get x phone tow take pi's it fuckDejav and i think i'm going that way so maybe last pic or may be not will try to sort somat Working for now More van Lee with his hard hat L8trt picked phil up Can't see what it is me self Lee's back Phil and ipod Phil and dan and a couple of head torches In the back of a van The van floor cameras working again maybe Dan O Mollatuf Phils floored it again We dont do facebook yer twats Cameras going on one again maybe The road works Work it out A view from the sofa It's not a didgury do it's part the heating system Falling Guess who Safely jacket Only in the van Dancing googles Refueling It's not all about the road Don't ask Van stuff Half way Clackett The boom boom box Top tunes More fuel It's a grand seat Fuckin' camera's going luppie again Busy day tea break soon The table The plan The lights The four way The swag The get away van Ker ching The clackett stretch The power The transmitter Give peas a chance Hello Tod

Warning: This is also not The Spin